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Press wall with corner configuration

It is an excellent location for event photos and interviews. With its angled layout for a wider angle, wider camera placement options and even photo-changeable backgrounds, it is the digital generation of traditional printed press walls.

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Gigantic LED display

Why not make the whole backdrop of the stage a dynamic and integral part of the event? Built from a high-definition, indoor LED giant screen, a monumental and unique stage set can be created, building an event image.

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Multi-display conference

The IKRAgrár Zrt. partner meeting room has a special width. To make it more comfortable for the audience to follow the events, we have placed repeating LED projectors on two sides so that those sitting at the edges can see clearly.


Multi-display conference
In-wall LED display

In-wall LED display

We provided the visual backdrop for a very special event dreamed up by Special Effects with this unique projector built into a printed back wall.

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Indoor conference with LED display

The HÍDÁSZ conference is a special event in the world of conferences. We add a unique visual world to its unique content. The event is also streamed in its entirety on the internet via our own dedicated stream server.

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Indoor conference with LED display
Networking konferencia

Networking conference for the holy lunatics

Onlife Connect is truly a networking conference for the holy crazy. As a kind of technical demo, we provided all the technical background for the event.

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LED display lectern

The image on the lectern can be controlled in sync with the LED projector, a great thematic addition to make spectacular events even more spectacular


Subtle elegance

We don't always have to think in the grandest terms. You can create an elegant and unique visual experience in a small space with the same professional artist support. If room size is not seen as a limitation, but as an opportunity to be exploited, even a small conference room can be transformed into a lasting memory.

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Travelling scoreboard for filming

The display played in a number of scenes that required quick and easy movement. The trailer shown in the picture was designed to help keep to a tight schedule by switching between two scenes in a few minutes.

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Unique, indoor, in-set display

​The Grand Turismo movie's Playstation Room set is a high-definition indoor giant LED display with a forced conversion between the Playstation 60Hz and the shooting 24Hz frame rate.

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Karaoke scene

We transformed the main hall of a concert venue in Budapest into an imaginary karaoke bar. The displays were animated and the inevitable lyrics were added.


Unique, outdoor, in-set displays

Built on a unique support structure, the outdoor display was equipped for 24p recording and extreme lighting conditions to accommodate changing day and night shooting without rebuilding.

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Protocol event

​At the Embassy of Switzerland in Budapest, we built a stage and a projector for the commemoration in the garden to celebrate the biggest Swiss national holiday.

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Protokolláris rendezvény ledfallal
Kiállítás LED kivetítővel

Home exhibition

Zoomla is a very unique service for virtual apartment viewing. The 5m wide and 3m high hourly LED projector for the walk-through was a strong added value at the stand.

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Meeting room LED display

In this project, we installed a high-definition indoor LED projector in the meeting room of an automotive parts manufacturer. The size of the projector is 480cm x 272cm and the resolution is fullHD.

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Topping out ceremony

At the MOL Campus topping out ceremony, we built stage covers and LED displays on the fifth floor terrace so that guests at the event could follow the bushwalk being hoisted up to the 43rd floor live. The bush crane, lifted by the tower crane, was followed by a drone and live images were projected onto the screens.

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