The A.D.A.M. philosophy

​We believe that the most important presentation tool of the future is the giant LED display, and that the future belongs to online and hybrid events and the quality streaming services that go with them. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients leave every event with outstanding pride and happiness, and our viewers with a vivid, wow audiovisual experience, which is delivered by our team based on our own principles.

Our vision is to change the world of conferences, premium corporate events and exhibitions, based on our principle of "from the small detail to the captivating whole". A key component of any such event is the giant LED projector, cameras, spectacular and thematic audiovisual content that is integrated into the overall programme, creating a wow experience for presenters, audience and organisers alike.

Our mission is to increase the number of "cherry on top" themed events each year. No more projectors and laptops, instead LED projectors, media servers, floor monitors, cameras, professional sound and lighting, internet broadcasting and recording form the technical core of our events. As part of our "cherry on top" principle, the design of the programme, the set-up of the presentations, the look and content of the presentations form an organic whole and work in synergy with the technical content and the theme of the programme.

​Vast experience, creative thinking, a selected and quality toolkit, methods that constantly follow technical progress, combined with a maximum of customer-friendly and flexible service, attentive and careful project preparation. Let's plan your events together, they are as important to us as they are to you!

The huge LED screens, elegant podium and professional lighting are a tangible and tangible improvement for the spectators. But just as big a difference is in the background work that is invisible to the audience: insightful monitors with presentation previews, a dedicated 1080p stream server with protected access, professional microphone and media playback.

ENG cameras, spectacular video editing that captures the dynamics of the production, programme planning and production are the four key components to make your event stand out on a TV channel.

LED kijelzős pulpitus


We founded Alternative Design And Media to bring a new approach to the world of conferences and exhibitions in Hungary.

Our vision is to achieve a paradigm shift, to make LED displays and related state-of-the-art visual technology services ubiquitous and integral to all quality offline, online and hybrid events.

LED sajtófal


A.D.A.M. is a team of professionals who are dedicated to bringing the quality of visuals, professionalism, programming and webcasting that was only available on commercial television a few years ago to all players in the event management industry.

Our colleagues are renowned professionals in their field, trained on hundreds of events, eliminating potential problems at the planning stage and solving your requests quickly and efficiently.

Ledfal kiállításra

Where to?

The development of video mixing, web streaming, presentation and playback software has revolutionised the world of presentation-themed events in recent years, with traditional events moving partly or entirely online.

This requires new solutions, but also revolutionary new ways to reach audiences.

Visual technology and lighting

To see you better

Cameras and video editing

Zoom in, keep the back row awake.

LED displays

Load the content into the field of view

Modern stage technology

Flawless support structures and mobile stage, even carpeted

Microphones and sound reinforcement

To hear you better

Pro wireless microphone systems

For the uninhibited freedom of performers

Elegant sound system

Discrete, high-quality sound reinforcement tools

Internet stream

Stream your event on our dedicated server

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